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Camillus Chiropractic Office: Providing Chiropractic Services to Syracuse, New York Since 1987

The Central Nervous System controls and coordinates all structures and functions of the body by sending messages over 31 pair of spinal nerves.
This is what Chiropractic is all about!

Our Mission:

The Camillus Chiropractic office strives to perform to the highest level of personal and professional service. It is our goal to view each patient as an individual, different and unique. Our treatment and rehabilitation will take the individual into account, considering personal goals, fitness, and other components of overall health. Our treatment often includes exercise, rehabilitation, nutrition advice and other aspects of health and activities of daily living. By working with the entire person we obtain the best possible results.
If you are in severe pain do not hesitate to call for an appointment, we do our best to provide you with emergency care to help reduce your pain and get you started on a path to wellness.

Chiropractic care is a system of diagnosis and treatment based on the concept that the nervous system coordinates all of the body's functions, and that mechanical dysfunction of the spine can result in maladies far from the spine. These include headaches, neck pain, low back pain, radiating pain, weakness and organic dysfunction.

These problems frequently begin as little aches and pains, often ignored until they become much bigger problems. Left untreated, these conditions can be life altering, resulting in loss of ability to enjoy life or work.
Physical Therapist Series shoulder mobility - Chiropractic in Syracuse, NY
The Camillus Chiropractic Office seeks to treat the entire patient, allowing the body to function to the best of it's ability and heal to it's best capacity.
Current research shows that early intervention in spinal conditions results in better outcomes and in the long-term, lower costs.
Chiropractic care helps harness the natural recuperative power to allow you to heal without drugs or surgery. Our treatment and rehabilitation take the individual into account, considering personal goals, fitness and other components of over-all health.
In addition to personalized chiropractic care, Camillus Chiropractic focuses on your personal nutrition and exercise needs.

Phases of Chiropractic Treatment

Acute Care – This phase of care is based on active injury with inflammation and pain. Your body is trying to start the healing process by increasing blood flow and activity at the injury site. Additional measures such as swelling and muscle tightness or spasm are your body's attempt to protect the area as it responds to the injury. This phase of your injury typically lasts for days to a few weeks, but can be complicated by repetitive stress or re-injury. Treatment at this time is more frequent and is designed to reduce inflammation and pain. Treatment frequency can be daily to a few times per week.
Rehabilitative care – In the weeks post injury, remodeling and repair of damaged tissue is the next phase in the healing process. This takes place with scarring and fibrosis of the injured area and is your body's effort to restore strength and function to the injured body part. In the case of joint injury, the damaged structures are primarily cartilage, ligament and sometimes, bone and muscle. Cartilage and ligament injuries are slower to repair and can take weeks to months to repair to their maximum degree. Care at this time is typically less frequent and is reduced over time. Emphasis is placed on progressing through movement and exercise as the body heals and repairs from its injury.
Supportive care – After an injury heals, there is sometimes weakness or vulnerability that results in periodic flare ups of pain or disability. This is due to loss of function in a joint, including loss of spacing or flexibility due to the residual damage to cartilage, discs and ligaments. During this type of care, periodic treatment is used to supplement the day to day exercises and interventions of the patient in gaining and maintaining health and functionality. Care in this phase is quite variable and may be every few weeks or months, dependent on an individual's needs.
Maintenance Care – This is characterized by wellness! A person utilizing Maintenance Care has achieved optimal function and seeks to maintain a certain edge in overall health and performance.
This type of care is often used by professional athletes and high performing individuals to ass it in gaining a competitive edge by the benefits can be used by anyone to assure optimal function.
Frequency is based on the individual's personal preference working with his or her Doctor of Chiropractic.