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Chiropractic Questions in Syracuse, NY

Before reviewing our frequently asked questions please remember these simple, immutable facts:
1. Your brain and nervous system control everything.
2. Nervous system compromise can cause ill health.
3. Doctors cannot heal. Only your body can do that.
4. The best doctors remove barriers to your healing ability.
5. That is the purpose and power of chiropractic care.
Many frequently asked questions about chiropractic care can be answered using the American Chiropractic Association website.

Additional FAQs

The following are some questions I have gotten from patients over the years. Feel free to forward any questions you may have to me and I will do my best to answer them.
-Dr. Piering

Should I be seeing a doctor of Chiropractic?

Many people benefit from chiropractic care, including those who don't necessarily have back or neck pain. These folks use chiropractic as a way to maintain optimal function and prevent injury.

Headaches, back pain, numbness, tingling, pain in the extremities and other health problems can often to be traced to the spine.

There are many reasons that the spinal joints can lose their normal mobility and function, resulting in irritation or choking off of the nerve supply to the body. Remember, your body is controlled by impulses traveling over these nerves and if they can't work at 100%, your body can't either.

Spinal problems can sometimes be seen in posture. A low shoulder, high hip or ribs higher on one side than the other while bending are postural deviations that may be an indication of a spinal malfunction with possible nervous system involvement.

Another common indicator of spinal stress is a head that is leaning too far forward. This puts wear and tear on the spine, leading to premature degenerative changes.

Frequently, uneven shoe wear indicates some type of spinal imbalance. Examine a pair of shoes for unusual signs of wear.
Often, unequal pant leg length or uneven skirt hemline can indicate low hip, short leg or some other spinal problem.

If you detect a possible problem schedule a chiropractic examination. Spinal problems rarely get better on their own and often get worse with time.
Many people enjoy wellness or supportive care as an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

Will the treatment hurt?

Typically the treatment is not painful, although momentary discomfort is not uncommon. Most patients report that the treatment results in relief from their complaints and the relief can be immediate.

Any discomfort usually passes quickly and lingering soreness may be a reason to modify treatment approaches. If there is lingering soreness, be sure to tell the doctor of this.

Do I have to come forever?

No. Chiropractic treatment is flexible! Many people elect to get acute pain relief in a short course of care while others elect to follow through on a more comprehensive rehabilitative approach. Our treatment seeks to first reduce or eliminate the most obvious symptoms, then transition into strengthening and rehabilitation to reduce the likelihood of future recurrence. Many patients, including professional athletes and Olympians to normal everyday folks, consider chiropractic to be an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, like eating right and exercise.

Do back injuries ever fully heal?

This is actually a great question! The answer depends on the type of injury. Early, minor injuries can heal completely with little or no residual damage.
Many injuries are recurrent and have actually been present for a long time before a patient seeks any form of care. These injuries often involve damage to cartilage and ligaments, including the intervertebral discs. Depending on the degree of that damage, these injuries often do not fully heal and some residual deficit is always present. In the vast majority of cases, these residual effects can be effectively managed with chiropractic care, exercise and modification of activities. Only a small minority of cases require drugs or surgery when managed with these measures.

Will my insurance pay for chiropractic care?

Most health insurance plans, including Worker's Compensation and No-Fault auto insurance cover chiropractic care. Benefit levels vary based on your individual plans, but chiropractic always offers a cost effective option for management of some of life's most difficult conditions.

As usual, if you have questions feel free to call the office.

Do you go to a Chiropractor?


Unfortunately, I have a multi level neck problem and several herniated discs that are managed with chiropractic and exercise. With my work and lifestyle, I need to get adjusted regularly to allow me to continue to do the things I like to do.

Can patients with osteoporosis get chiropractic care?

Of course. Regardless of your age, size or condition, chiropractic care can be helpful. The specific needs of each patient are considered and techniques that are appropriate for the patient are selected.

Can children get chiropractic adjustments?

Yes! In fact the bumps and falls of childhood, backpacks, sports, sitting too much and other things can cause early spinal dysfunction that can easily be managed with conservative chiropractic care.

Even childbirth can cause spinal problems and even babies can get adjusted. Studies have shown benefit with infantile colic and other conditions that often may not seem to be related to “the back”, but benefit because of the effect of chiropractic on the nervous system.

Is Chiropractic a substitute for medical care?

Medicine and Chiropractic are separate professions that each have their benefits. Chiropractic is not a substitute for appropriate medical care, just as medicine is not a substitute for appropriate chiropractic care.

Chiropractors do not use drugs or surgery but recognize there are times when those may be the treatment of choice. Conversely, chiropractic care can reduce the use of unnecessary drugs, reduce surgery rates and improve the quality of life naturally.

Can Chiropractors treat disc problems?

Chiropractors routinely treat disc problems and often help people to avoid surgery by getting good results with manipulation and rehabilitation.

Medical researchers at the University of Saskatchewan referred to spinal manipulation as “clearly the treatment of choice” for disc herniations. In 2012, the University of Pittsburg Medical Center mandated a trial of chiropractic care before approving surgery for back pain sufferers.

When I have pain, should I use ice or heat?

The simple rule I use is if the pain is new, severe or of sudden onset, ice is the best choice. This works to reduce blood flow to the injury site and reduce swelling. The cold also helps to reduce pain transmission which is welcome in the early hours or days of a nasty injury or new pain.

Heat increases blood flow which can increase nutrition to the area applied to, loosen up tight muscles and be very soothing in more chronic or persistent areas of soreness or tightness. Applying heat to new injury can actually make it hurt more for these very reasons.

If you are not sure, feel free to call and ask what is the best choice for your situation.

I have arthritis, can I get adjusted?

Here is a little secret…..nearly everyone gets osteoarthritis. This common form of arthritis is actually your body's reaction to joint damage and increased stress on the bony part of the joint. Chiropractic care can help restore motion to arthritic joints and decrease both the pain and progression of degenerative changes.

There are other types of arthritis that can be very destructive and may require medical care, but if you have arthritis, not only can you get adjusted, but you most certainly should!

What about physical therapy?

PT and chiropractic have some overlap in the conditions treated and sometimes this is confusing. Fact is that PT and Chiropractic can be valuable together for treatment. We focus a lot on specific exercises and use some of the same modalities that you may find in physical therapy. In most cases, exercises we recommend are done at home. Patients who cannot do home exercises or require more extensive rehabilitation can benefit from chiropractic plus PT team approach.